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If we decide to work together, here’s how I
will help you live everyday as your best self…

#1: Neuro-Cognitive Restructuring: While most methods of treatment are slow & unpredictable, we use neuro-cognitive restructuring to quickly remove the root problem directly from your subconscious mind.

Using NCR, we’re able to help you rapidly overcome any limiting beliefs or past experiences that are causing anxiety in the first place.

These exercises can help you overcome any negative emotion in 60 seconds or less when used the right way.

#2: Subconscious Coaching: While most treatment methods call for long questions or sessions to “talk things out”, we move fast by going to the root problem inside your mind.

Inside the program you’ll uncover how to look at obstacles and challenges with a new lens.

By following these prompts and working with me personally, you’ll rapidly change your thought patterns to reject negative feelings like anxiety BEFORE they even arise!

#3: Sensory Enhanced Hypnosis: Rather than trying to figure out what’s causing your anxiety to arise in the first place, we focus on techniques to break the link between you & anxiety.
Just like cutting a rope between two ends.

The reason I’m able to help people so fast is because we skip over 95% of useless exercises and focus on solving nothing but the root cause of your anxiety.

Using the methodology above, I've helped over 13,000 people both privately and in groups rapidly overcome anxiety, stress & overwhelm so they can pursue their most ambitious goals without anything holding them back.

I’m Dan Candell
  • Creator of "The Anxiety Relief Revolution" and "The Break Free System"
  • ​Keynote Speaker & Persuasion Expert
  • ​Author or 3 books and 15 training programs
  • ​TEDx speaker
  • ​Certified Hypnosis Instructor
  • ​Recipient of the "Shining Light" Hypnosis Award, the "Order of Braid Lifetime Achievement" Hypnosis Award, and Awarded
  • ​World Renown "Top Hypnosis Instructor" 

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

A few examples of clients I’ve worked with…

  • Real estate agents
  • ​Insurance agents
  • ​Mortgage Brokers
  • ​Salespeople
  • ​Small Business Owners
  • ​VP’s
  • ​CEO’s
  • Hypnotists & therapists
  • Athletes
  • ​Students
  • ​Coaches
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Freelancers
  • ​Rockstar Mama's & Papas
And so many more…
Our Break Free System Has Helped Countless People Around The World…

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If you qualify to work together, I’m so confident my Break Free process will work for you…

In my program, you will Break Free from anxiety, excessive stress and overwhelm in just 4-6 sessions. Then, we work towards building more of a high performing life. This could mean more productive, more energy, increased confidence, and a boost in focus and motivation.

It's my job to help find something that works for you!

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